PETONY TECHNICAL COMPANY LIMITED is into Engineering, Procurement and Construction with wide range of experience within the Oil and Gas sector of Nigeria Economy.
PETONY TECHNICAL COMPANY LIMITED provide a fast efficient quality service that meets the highest and most tasking requirement of their clients.
Apart from providing Professional Services to the Oil and Gas Facilities, PETONY TECHNICAL COMPANY LIMITED is also involves in Local/Foreign procurement and supplies to meet the high demand of the Oil and Gas Facilities installation and seasoned maintenance.
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT EVALUATION & AUDITING PETONY L TD provides offshore and onshore facilities auditing services for discharge studies and oil spill contingency planning and management.
PETONY TECHNICAL COMPANY LIMITED engage in leasing out various equipment to handle specific work scope in Land / offshore operations, these equipment range from Instrument Lab., Instrument Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Lifting equipment like Crane, Forks Lift, Self Loader, Compressor and Generator and Transportation Services for Land/Offshore.

It is the Policy of PETONY TECHNICAL to carry out all its business activities in such a way as to:

  • Preserve the health and safety of its employees, sub-contractors and members of the public at all times.
  • Ensure the good integrity of the natural environment
  • Maintain continued cordial relationship with host communities
    Therefore all employees of PETONY TECHNICAL and sub-contractors are required to comply with this CASHES policy statement when any work is being planned or executed. Any task which cannot be done in compliance with this CASHES policy statement shall not be started or continued.


PETONY CASHES Policy objectives are as follows:


  • Create mutual beneficial relationship with the host communities
  • Achieve zero community disturbances.


  • Achieve zero fatalities.
  • Achieve zero lost time injury (L TI).
  • Achieve zero preventable road or marine accidents.
  • Achieve zero non-adherence to rules and regulations
  • Achieve zero non-adherences to the "Permit-To-Work" and other agreed procedures.


  • To avoid occupational illness/injuries to personnel.
  • Ensure personnel free from communicable diseases.
  • Maintain safe and healthy working environment.


  • A void damage to the environment.
  • Leave the environment at the end of our operation in a state suitable for future use.


  • To ensure zero or minimal security incidents through adequate and effective procedures in place.
  • To safeguard lives and property on every site.


We will: 

  • Have competent staffto co-ordinate and implement the CASHES Programmes.
  • Ensure jobs are executed in accordance with work procedures/statements.
  • Ensure all employees participate in CASHES seminars and courses.
  • Carry out quarterly review of programmes and targets.
  • Implement all follow-up actions resulting from audits.
  • Display emergency procedures at strategic places in offices and sites.
  • Apply the hazard register in the execution of any job.

Our Team

Petony Tech Co Ltd. has highly qualified, experienced, committed and suitably trained professionals of various discipline that are readily available for mobilization and easy deployment as appropriate within short notice. 

Our Projects

Petony Technical Company Ltd has successfully completed several turkey projects over the years, why there are still  other ongoing projects to be completed. We are here to serve.


Innovative Services

Drawing on extensive Engineering operations experience, Petony Technical Company Ltd offers Engineering services which blend practical experience with the latest technical innovation.

Health Safety Policy

We have a responsibility to our operatives to ensure that they are operating in a safe and protected environment. This safe operating practice also gives reassurance to our clients.








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